Re-energize your groups, boards, or employees with Dr. Ruth. 

Boost morale, promote communication, and retain your key performers.


Life and work “ain’t” easy.  Everyone needs a coach! Individuals, groups, young or “mature”.

Gather small or large groups for inspirational, exciting and potentially productive presentations …”feel good" pep talks! Follow-up included.


Dr. Ruth can encourage growth in your revenue, retention, productivity and  loyalty . . .

Customer Service and Support – Internal and External

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

OJP  (On the Job Pride) aka Soft Skills Boot Camp:  Pre or post hire

Employee Engagement

Crank Up Communication – it’s All About Listening!

The Generations . . . What to Do?


  • Empty Building Possibilities Tour – Turning Deserted Spaces Into Dynamic Places

  • When the Workforce Improves, Everything Improves – How to become an ACT Certified Work Ready Community

  • FREE – Freedom Requires Education and Employment – Proactively reduce recidivism and crime in your community.

  • Small Business Development – Entrepreneur Academy - Grow your “home’ economy and encourage “wannabe’ entrepreneurs 

  • 27 Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Business!

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